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Guys, I have put together a list of the top seven most profitable Bitcoin apps that you can find on the internet.

And if you take full advantage of all of these weekends start our journey towards one bitcoin in one day.

Hello, go get as I'm the capitalist, and today I'm going to show you seven different apps that you can start using the internet to make some free Bitcoin in 2021.

All of the different apps we are going to cover today are completely beginner friendly, and they are free to use.

So you don't have to be an expert in cryptocurrency in order to make some profits with them.

And guys, as long as you have an internet connection, as long as your mobile phone is connected to the internet, you are able to use all of these apps, so you don't really have any excuses in order not to take action.

I'm also going to show you the most efficient way that you can make use of these apps in order to not leave any money on the table.

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And let's jump right into it.

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The first website I need you to connect to is called coinbase.


And we're going to use it for two main purposes.

First of all coin base is a bitcoin wallet that you can set up in order to collect your Bitcoin from all the other websites or apps that we are going to use today.

And if you want to do that it is completely free.

And all it takes is going on this button that is called get started.

And once you click on that you will be redirected to a new page where you can enter your first name, last name, email address, and also a password but make sure that the email you enter is valid and you actually have access to that, because they will send you notifications, they will send you a verification link that you have to click on.

So that is really important in order to set up your Bitcoin wallet.

Now it doesn't have to be specifically on coinbase.

com, you can set up your wallet on any other website, but you need to have one Enter to collect your earnings.

And once that is out of the way, we can move on to the second reason why we are using Coinbase comm today, if you take a look here on their homepage, you can see that they will give you a bonus of $167.

And let's click on that and see what it's all about.

Basically, they ask you to learn about all of these new cryptocurrencies and they are willing to pay for that, basically a few star discourses and actually finish them you will get their reward.

And the best part is that you can still use your mobile phone in order to connect to coinbase.

com and learn about all of these new cryptocurrencies and get that bonus.

And once you're done with that, once you have collected your $167 bonus, and you have also set up your Bitcoin wallet, we can move on to the second app that we're going to use in order to make freebitcoin in 2021.

Moving on to number two on the list.

This one is called cryptotab browser.

And it is available for both Android devices and iOS devices.

This is one of my personal favourites.

And if you have been watching my videos for quite some time, you should know that we have covered it before on the channel.

But this is still one of my favourites.

And I wanted to point out the way that you can use a theorem to make maximum profits.

And the thing I absolutely love about this app is the fact that you can make passive income using it, you don't have to be actively involved in the process because this is basically a Bitcoin miner.

That means that if you get this browser on your mobile phone or on your computer, you can let it run in the background, it will use some of your computers or smartphones or resources, not too much of them.

But it will generate Bitcoin for you automatically.

That means you don't have to complete any surveys, you don't have to watch ads, you don't have to complete any microtasks.

In order to get some profits, you can just leave it there, let it do its thing in the background, and that will generate Bitcoin for you.

Now this browser is very similar to Google Chrome, if you actually use it, you should notice that it also looks very similar, it feels the same way it uses the same extensions.

So you can do the things you would normally do on Google Chrome on this browser as well.

And all you have to do in order to start that process is get the app on your mobile phone.

And as I mentioned before, you can get it on both an Android device or an iOS device.

So it doesn't matter which operating system you're using because these browser will still allow you to make some profits.

Let's actually click on this Google Play icon.

And this is how the app is going to look like now you can get the basic version for absolutely free or you can also get the pro version.

But I do recommend that you get a second one the pro version just yet.

Because if you're just starting out, you don't have money to invest in this method, you can use the free one and still make some profits.

And after you've done so, after you have earned some money, you can actually reinvest it to get even more profits.

But I will leave that up to you.

For now this video is aimed at beginners who are just starting out.

So I want you to get the free version from Google Play.

Now an extra thing you could do is also get it on your personal computer and replace the browser you are currently using because that will maximise your profits and give you even more rewards.

you don't have to but if you wish to you are free to do so at this point you should have your bitcoin wallet that you have set up on coinbase.

com you should have redeemed your bonus and you should have also downloaded this app on your mobile phone now you can let cryptotab browser run in the background while you're using all the other apps that is the main advantage and that is why i wanted to point this out because this is passive income as i mentioned before and you can earn that without your involvement while using all the other apps that are generating active income moving on to number three on the list this one is called feature points and you can get it on both ios devices and android devices which is a huge advantage now they have paid their users over $5 million since 2012 they have been in the business for quite some time and you can do your own research on the web and see whether or not they are trustworthy but from my experience they always pay their users their due money and this is a reputable app no basically you will have to complete some microtasks in order to get your bonuses get her points that you can later on redeem and turn into actual currency now you will be able to complete surveys you should be able to get some cash backs basically when you shop at one of their partners you will get a percentage of your money back in bitcoin that is a unique feature that i wanted to point out because very few apps actually have this now you can get points for download the gaps as you can see here they are going to require you to download certain games on your mobile phone and once your balance hits a certain threshold you should be able to redeem your money as well now they have paypal available as a withdrawal option you can also get an amazon gift card but most importantly you can get your rewards in bitcoins so they will send your money straight into your bitcoin wallet they also have a really fat commission for your referrals basically if you refer one of your friends and they started making points on that app you will also get 50% out of that that means that you can definitely leverage this method and maximise your profits by referring your friends or referring other people that are interested in making money online now you can sign up on the website here by entering your email address or you can click on one of these two buttons and download that app on your phone and sign up there up next we have sweatcoin and this is over@swepco.

in and this app allows you to earn cryptocurrency but not bitcoin they have their own cryptocurrency which is called sweat coin and i'm going to show you exactly how you can take advantage of that and what you need to do in order to earn it and as you can see here this is available for both ios and android devices now at least that basically pays you for walking that's exactly what you need to do in order to earn money with this app they are going to pay you for each step that you take throughout the whole day and this app is perfect for you especially if you're an active person when now the interesting feature is that sweatcoin alone doesn't really have value it's just a cryptocurrency but you cannot convert that into us dollars or bitcoin or anything of that sort and actually in order to take advantage of your balance you have to purchase certain items from this guy's partners but they have partnered up with hundreds of different businesses so you can purchase items from there using your sweatcoins as you can see you can purchase goods services and experiences ranging from high tech shoes to iphones from anti gravity yoga classes to apple watches so they have a lot of different partners that are willing to trade their items for sweatcoin they've got over 300 different partners and that gives you a wide range of products that you can purchase this is how the app looks like on google play and as you can see here in this picture they also give you paypal gift cards that means they can also withdraw your money at some point into us dollars but it may get you quite some time to get there because they have a high threshold for paypal and you can instead purchase certain items that are a little bit cheaper now the reviews on this one are really good it is rated at 4.

3 out of five which is an amazing rate thing judging by the fact that they've got over 170,000 reviews moving on to app number five on the list this one is called freebitcoin and you can find it on google play now i'm not sure if there is a similar app for ios users but for now i'm going to focus on this one and this app is very similar to featurepoints you basically have to complete some micro tasks such as downloading certain apps on your phone or watching videos completing surveys and so on and that is going to give you points that you can later on withdraw or convert into bitcoin now the rating is quite good it's 4.

5 out of five but as you can see some of these reviews are not too friendly so you can do your own research on the web or simply try this out and see if it works for you because people might have different results depending on how much time they're willing to spend but i will let you be the judge last but definitely not least here are number six and number seven on the list which are very similar in concept they are basically some arcade games that he can play in order to get some extra cash now the first one is called blockchain game and you can find it on google play and the second one is called alien run now remember guys you are trading your time for money and depending on how much time you have on your hand you may be profitable or not but i suggest you give this one a try and this one as well and see how much money you're able to generate 

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