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I've been mining Bitcoin on old phones for the past seven days.

If it's your first time here, I review applications and websites that you can start using right now to make a little bit of income on the side now, , well, Bitcoin, but also review applications and websites that pay out and gift card and PayPal as well.

So now that we got that out of the way, let's go so I've been mining Bitcoin on four old phones with crypto tab browser now, crypto tab is an application that you can use on your phone, or you can download it and use it to mine Bitcoin on your PC as well.

Now, with your phone, it's cloud mining, and with your PC, it's actually getting down and mining some Bitcoin.

So um, real quick, there's been some headaches with the original crypto tab, it's going to tell you to download this VPN, it's a little bit of a pain in the butt, but there's a way around it, you know, you just either restart the application or you just mess around with the little crypto tab button.

And that should get you back to mining.

But you know, I went ahead now today's results are based on four phones mining with the crypto tab browser Pro, that is it, nothing else but I'm not gonna lie after that week was over, I did go ahead and switch over to the crypto tab browser Pro, and I'm not gonna lie,

it runs a little smoother, you know, it's just a little bit more convenient, you don't have to see all those ads, you don't have to mess around to get back to mining.

So I went ahead I pay the $2.

49 cent.

And it was just a one time fee for all my phone.

So I'm actually excited, I'm actually happy that I did it.

As well as that I did purchase a boost, I went for a 2x boost.

I'll show you everything here in a second on the screen of my phones.

But I did purchase a 2x boost.

And let me tell you the only regret that I have

is not purchasing the 10x boost because you know, I started seeing my satoshis going up and if you don't know what a Satoshi is, a Bitcoin can be broken down one Satoshi is the lowest amount of Bitcoin you can make.

And you're going to make with this a couple 100 to a couple 1000 Satoshi, every single day and if you don't know how much one Satoshi is right now.

Well Bitcoin is at $51,000 on February 2 2017 1000 satoshis is 50 cents so 1000 satoshis is 50 cents right now, that is what's making this so profitable guess the price of bitcoin is going through the roof.

So now you can cloud mine on your phones and actually make some dough and I'm just you I'm not being greedy.

I'm just using four phones and I'm not even going 24 seven because there is a time limit on some of these and we'll get into that as well.

But um you know, I've seen some people out there on YouTube making more money off of cloud mining on these crypto tab phones.

Then I am using one of my Bitcoin miners in the garage so it is pretty insane.

Like I said, I'm not going to get too greedy I'm gonna try and just keep it to these four phones.

So I can have some consistency in my videos but man I'm just really excited that I have a have an application that I can use on a couple phones.

So anyways, let's see if there's anything else pertinent in here.

Like I said, I did buy the pro and I did buy the 2x and I guess that's gonna do it for my face right here.

Let's go ahead and dive into my money making phones.

Let's go okely dokely guys, so here's my little crypto tab mining farm and wanting to know

I've got a Bitcoin sitting on my desk right there, I need to put that in my ledger wallet on my coin base.

But anyways, right now I do have the crypto Tab Pro, but in today's video, we're talking about that regular crypto tab.

So for seven days, mining on crypto tab, checking in every single two hours as much as I could with four phones,

I made just over $2, to be honest with you, I made right at $2.

And then I switched over to pro and I switched over to to x.

So with four phones cryptotab, seven days clicking it as much as I could, I made about 28 sent every single day.

That's not bad at all, guys, that really is not bad at all.

And now I'm on to x, earning even more.

And one thing I will say when you do the 2x it pays Hold on.

When you do the 2x.

It goes for all of your phones, all of your phones.

And I just did it for one month.

And like I said, I wish

I would have gone for the 10x.

And there is a 15x I don't know if I'm ready for that.

But I wish I would have gone with the 10x.

And this will be for one, hold on, they got a deal right here for 12 months.

So for 12 months $18.

33 cent as soon as my one month runs out on the 2x I'm doing the 10x how I might even do 15x just on these four phones.

And I'm already making well I already made $2 a week.

Now I'm on to x so I shouldn't make $4 a week.

And one one of the best things a bout going with the the we call it the boost right here.

It adds time, when I hit the 2x boosts it gave me a another hour.

So now every three hours I check in, which is a lot better than two with the regular cryptotab browser.

Without any boost at all, you're gonna have to check in every two hours.

So right now I'm on the 2x I check in every three hours.

And I've heard I've heard from a friend of mine when I go to the 10x it just runs completely passive.

So after this month, we're going to see I'm going to do the 10x we're gonna see if it runs a completely passive I might try it just for one month, just to see if it runs completely passive and then you know what, maybe I'll go to that fifth teen axis.

Look at it again real quick.

unlock more boost.

Fifth, tiene x so that'll be making more than my Bitcoin miner in the garage.

That'll be crazy.

So anyways, that's gonna do it for my little farm right here.

Back to the screen on my computer.

Happy mining peace

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