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Average trading volume per day have reached $574,000,000

Come to crypto stack In this section we're going to be reviewing fatmax.

So let's go and dive in straightaway.

So we're gonna click here on spot trading.

So we click here on SPA tray you can see this is the interface we have an image we have the chart, none right so you have the recent trade and on the left side you ever hear the audible and he on the further left you have the option for you to place order, buy sell and obviously decide how much you want to allocate for a specific order.

If you click here on select mark, you can actually decide if you want to trade on the spot market and basically you're actually buying and trading the real asset or you can do with a contract, the actual trading on sort of derivatives in this case will be most likely future market.

So in a spot market, if you click here, you can see that we have here Bitcoin and aetherium link

dot Litecoin, Bitcoin cash EOS Tron ontology, Neo tasers and XRP.

And if you look here under contract section, you have a uni you have aetherium algo dodge link, light con D OT, avec calm tch x dizzy FY goal and x Rp.

This is basically to give you an idea what sort of instrument offerings if we were to, let's say, to trade on Bitcoin, the contract which is basically the future can decide what sort of language you like to trade on.

For example, in any fitting room, I can go up you can just click by lifting them I can go down, I can click So, as simple as that.

This is basically their interface very easy, very simple to use, actually very straightforward.

Once you change the layout to say three hours, six hours, obviously they have integrated trading view which is the most popular chart.

So you can see here the 24 hours of low volume, 24 hours high volume 24 hour change, and obviously the turn over.

So this is the trading section.

Now if you guys are interest rate to look at earning crypto, this is something that also Fanuc is also offering now start offering and earn crypto, where you can actually earn up to 10% interest, which is estimated you have to remember that and you're limited up to $50,000 so you have a flexible and then you have seven days.

This is obviously something for you guys to consider.

And this is maybe useful for people that are maybe taking a break from trading and they want to make sure that they still earning money while they're not trading.

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