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And today I bring you one of the amazing websites investment platform I've just found recently, where you get a double of what you invest.

So the website we're going to be talking about is bit BTC dot BTC flash.So I'll go to the website.

And if you want to register for this business, kindly check the description below my link is there use it to register only get 10% if you registered through my link, now this is the website BTC flash.

So, the first thing is you log into the website by the first and as you create you create an account and then you log in now, you can see this is my available account balance, I have not my investment I made of no gain from it, but my referrals the people that I introduced them to the platform I had some money from there and then I was able to redraw it was instant it was instant within 15 minutes our speed.

So how do you get started, once you come to your dashboard like this, you click on that 300 horizontal lines you click up invest now.

Now, once you click on invest now, it is going to show you how much you can invest.

So, these are the investment amount of money you can

So, you can see here double plan get to and represent after seven days.

So, if you invest any money you invest, you get a double of it.

So you can invest $15 with is in BTC 0.

003 BTC and then at the end of the seven days you get $30 You can also choose to invest with a $50 plan can also choose to invest with $100 plan can also choose to invest with a $500 plan, you invest $100 at the end of them seven days you get $200 you invest $500 you get

$1,000 at the end of seven days, you invest $1,000 you get $2,000 at the end of the seven days, so when you come to the platform like this, you select how much you want to invest.

Now you can see I've selected the $50 plan Let me see let me go with $100 plan I select you scroll down

so which payment option Are you using Bitcoin is already there.

And how much are you invested in you I invest in $100 ICS.

So it has already been stated then the payment method is Bitcoin.

Alright, so you scroll down.

Now accept the terms and conditions I agree to accept the terms and conditions.

So you can see your investment details name of scheme, our plan attempts of this team seven days to their profit 200% total net profit 0.

002 BTC and then total return is 0.004.

So when you invest $100, you make $200 at the end of the seven days, times that so you scroll down then you click on Confirm and proceed.

Alright, so please send exactly 0.

002 BTC today, following address.

So you scroll down here, you copy this address,

copy this address here.

Then you make the payment to do a copy and then you go back to your blockchain or Coinbase account.

I'm going to use Coinbase here.

So I'll go to my Coinbase account.

Please just follow me the procedures.

So once your BTC portfolio is open, scroll down and then click on Bitcoin.

So you scroll down, and then you click on BTC wallet.

Alright, so you see that there are two arrows here, when you click here, meaning you are receiving BDC.

And then when you click here, meaning you are sending to you click the Send button

can see my history of transaction Yeah, so you click the Send button.

Now enter an amount of BTC, you are investing.

So in this case, we are investing $100.

So you enter,

you can enter

zero 101 01, because of the minus fee.

So you click on Continue.

So this is this is it, you need to buy 0.

02 before you complete this sent.

So I'm just using it as a demonstration.

Now, let me click, remove this and then enter the amount that is in the account just to show a demonstration.

All right, my.

Okay, so I'll click on Continue.

All right, so you click on Not now, send crypto to your friend, your contacts, click on not now then you enter to you enter the address, you copy from BTC flush.

So once you're done, you click on preview,

preview sent.Sorry.

So you click on previous and

so you can see that the minimum I cannot send 90 zero point 93 cents.

So I'm just using it as a demonstration to show you guys.

So once you click on Preview send, it is going to show you how much you are sending to BTC flash and then how much the transaction fee is.

So once it's done, you click on Send and then your money will

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